Heidi’s Restaurant – Minneapolis, MN

I was really excited to try Stewart Woodman’s new restaurant Heidi’s this weekend. Hoping that I would have an amazing dining experience to report after my Dining for Sport Holiday hiatus.

I am certain the food at Heidi’s is very good. Unfortunately even with a reservation we were not able to dine there. My assessment is that they are still working out the kinks in the system. The space is small and can’t handle many diners waiting for a table even with a reservation.

We made the mistake of showing up 10 minutes early for our 8pm reservation. I knew we were in trouble when the Prada wearing host said to the couple next to us. “Your reservation was at 7:45 right?” He seated them a few minutes after 8:00 and was buying glasses of wine for the the other party of two who had been waiting even longer.

At 8:15 he came back to us and said “I am going to create a space over here for you”. And he moved a table next to the coat rack and set up the place settings. The table was near the front door and every time it opened we froze. I was able to handle this since I was looking at the menu now. I had my eye on the fingerling potato salad and poached pheasant. At 8:25 our server came, gave us some water and told us about the special. He seemed frazzled. He said “I will be right back to take your order”. Then it really went downhill. At 8:30 a party of 6 entered, then a party of 4 and then another party of 2. We had the luxury of having all of them standing around our table waiting to be seated. Neither one of us thought that we would be giving an eating or dining etiquette demonstration so we got up and left at 8:35 (yes I went straight to jP’s). As we were walking out the door even more people were coming in.

The menu is very reasonably priced. I also thought the wine selections were very nice and I am going to go out on a limb and say that the food is probably really good too. I could smell the truffles when I walked in the door. But 35 minutes past our reservation time and we only had water along with our table in the waiting area was not how I pictured my Saturday evening.

I will make a return visit to Heidi’s but only on a Tuesday or Wednesday (they are not open on Mondays) and only when the hype dies down a bit.


8 responses to “Heidi’s Restaurant – Minneapolis, MN

  1. Why do you have to sensor comments? Are you afraid that people will realize you are a total idiot? A blow hard nothing. Do you really think anyone reads your blog-John, or cares what your opinion is? You are just another sad looser that is disparate for attention.

  2. Thanks for your feedback George. It appears that YOU read my blog and I am happy to hear that you have taken the time to give me such mature and constructive feedback. Your previous comment offered no value and in fact I thought it was spam so I deleted it.Our experience at this restaurant was exactly as it is stated above. I have great respect for Stewart and his food. Our time at Heidi’s was disappointing and it appears that others have had a similar if not the same experience. If you had a great time there, or have another opinion about the restaurant, I think it would be better use of your time to share that here.

  3. Actually, I also have to disagree with George. I am looking to Dine at Heidi’s and found your review honest….nothing like what you get when you read Mpls.St.Paul magazine. Thanks for your blunt opinion and your help with making my choice for reservations easier!

  4. We waited, knowing it was going to be a long and cramped wait. Worth the wait though…. both the service and food were great.

  5. hi john, thanks for your honesty. I’ve been wanting to try Heidi’s but will wait a few months.

  6. Not only did I dine at Heidi’s, I was a guest at a birthday party, held in the Chef’s kitchen, in the basement no less. While the ambiance lacked, the wines and most remarkably the food – to die for. I’ve been a food snob for a long time in previous careers someone else paid for it or people attempted to impress me. Heidi’s is a JEWEL and Stewart’s food was, bar none, the best I’ve had – 8 courses, all purrrfect and yummy. My friends who threw this party dine their regularly and have NEVER been disappointed – worth the wait – and absolutely book the private dining gig – you won’t be sorry!

  7. It’s great to hear that they are doing a private dining gig. 8 course tasting menus are hard to come by these days in the Twin Cities. Thanks for sharing…

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