Cue at the Guthrie – Minneapolis, Lunch

I recently had lunch at Cue at the Guthrie. Only having experienced dinner there, (when it first opened) I thought lunch would be fun. It was very clear to me that this restaurant is now really only intended for the theater crowd (even though they say they are not). In fact based on the number of  tables that were occupied,  (5 I believe) it surprises me that they are even open for lunch. If you are looking for a place to go and don’t want crowds but you are not overly concerned about being wowed by the food, Cue is a good place to go.

I have heard mixed reviews overall about Cue in general. My dinner experience there months back was good. Lunch…not so much. What impressed me most about my dinner experience was that the food did not feel like it was “catered” or produced by room service. Lunch felt like something you would get at a conference or large scale catered event.

There was a group of 5 of us. Most started with the soup of the day. It was a wild mushroom soup. The soup was not bad, just not anything really all that interesting. Not to knock Lund’s and Byerly’s (2 of my favorite places), but the soup at Cue was about equal to what you would get there in the deli. It seemed as though (I can’t be sure), it was frozen and reheated.
Cue at the Guthrie Soup
For my entrée I had the pork sandwich. It was dry. That is all I am going to say. Nothing else needs to be said. I did enjoy the orzo pasta salad that it came with. This was for me the best part of this meal.

Cue at the Pork Sandwich

Others had the salmon and reported it was fine. Seemed a bit over cooked to me, but I happened to be with my wife who ENJOYS OVER COOKED SALMON (that is for the person who recently left a very irritating comment on my blog). We all skipped dessert and went right to coffee.
Cue at the Salmon
I think it would be really difficult for Cue at the Guthrie to attract a lunch crowd unless there was a matinee. It is too far from downtown to walk there and back during the lunch hour.The space if really nice and we were able to have a quiet lunch. Though it did feel weird at 1:15 when we were the only people in the restaurant. It will take a bit to get me back there for dinner.


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