Crave Restaurant Edina – Return Visit

In my last review of Crave I gave it an average review. Nothing special or outstanding stood out to me about the place. And…I think they were also still getting the system down and working out the kinks in the process. Our dishes were either under seasoned or way over seasoned.

We were looking for something nearby that would take an Open Table reservation because we had our 3 year old with us. So we went back for another visit. I highly recommend making a reservation online. In fact the host thanked us for doing so.

During this visit to Crave, I finally figured out that the genius behind it. My mistake was approaching the place with a fine dining eye. Coming in with a family made me think about it from a different perspective.

We were able to order a fairly sophisticated pasta dish, made to order sushi and a brick oven pizza all at the same time. Each person at the table was satisfied with their dish including my son. Each person received what they wanted or at least close to it. My wife had her low fat sushi. I had been “craving” pasta so I tried the farfalle & cream. Not the greatest pasta dish I have ever had, but it was excellent for a family dinner in a Mall on Thursday night. My son’s pizza was better then any other “kids” menu pizza I have tasted so far.

My conclusion…

I think Crave is the perfect Mall restaurant. In fact from a business perspective it is the perfect suburban-Minneapolis-formula-mall-restaurant.

It has it all:
– Good food that isn’t too challenging for the average diner
– Wines everyone can pronounce
– A large selection to choose from
– Decent service
– Good options for kids

The secret is don’t go in there expecting to order Grilled leg of lamb with red quinoa, brown butter spinach/arugula salad dressed with orange miso. You’ll need to travel to JP’s for that.


3 responses to “Crave Restaurant Edina – Return Visit

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  2. As a former employee of Crave, they really pull the wool over the eyes of their so called “Guests”!
    They say they serve “Organic” Most of it is not! They claim “Fresh, not frozen, NOT! They do buy some things from a few local farms, but hey so do most local places!
    It is a very “Average” place and as most know, average doesn’t cut it when you have 2 restaurants in Minneapolis’ two most expensive malls. I give “Crave” a year or to max, before they go “Out Of Business”! Mark my words, screw your guests and you screw yourself!

  3. Which store did you work at Sabrina? Nobody remembers you. You must have been a standout server.

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